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Wilmslow is a small town just south of Manchester and is a vibrant, growing suburb with lots of things to see and do. The perfect place to be seen and to ‘step out’ with one of our lovely Escorts.  If you’re looking for history, culture, entertainment or just sheer enjoyment, the town has something to offer everyone who wanders through it. Wilmslow is an affluent area and part of The Golden Triangle, including the areas Prestbury, Alderley Edge and Mottram St Andrew. The area is noted for its expensive residential properties, beautiful countryside, celebrities and footballers. You may be lucky to spot a famous face or two in the many lovely cafes and wine bars in the area.

A Little Bit Of History

If you are interested in history, then you may be fascinated to know that in 1983 a 2,000 year old well preserved male body was discovered in Lindow Pete in Wilmslow. Further investigation revealed that he was an Iron Age man, 25 years of age and quite wealthy, who had been killed by being hit on the head and had his throat cut. Charming! He became known as Lindow Pete because he was found in the Lindow Pete bog. His preserved body is now in the British Museum for all to see and offers a snapshot and celebration of the life and times of the Iron Age along with other artefacts.
Originally an Anglo Saxon settlement, Wilmslow was memorably called Wighelms Hlaw, which experts translate as the mound of a man, called Wighelm. Interesting stuff.
The most famous resident of Wilmslow was Alan Turing, the computer genius who was involved in cracking the German Enigma code in World War 2. He allegedly committed suicide in 1954 by eating an apple laced with cyanide poisoning.

Things To See And Do

Wilmslow is a great place to shop, from designer boutiques to the famous Hoopers department store. Add in a selection of charity shops and you have a shoppers paradise.  Self confessed foodies will not be disappointed. There are plenty of fabulous places to grab a bite to eat including The Cheshire Smokehouse, with it’s fabulous delicatessen, patisserie, wine shop and cafe. Perhaps you could enjoy a lovely brunch there, sat opposite one of our beautiful Wilmslow Escorts. After dining, you could enjoy a walk a long the River Bollin with your chosen lady, towards Styal Village and Quarry Bank Mill, a well preserved and visited textile mill from The Industrial Revolution.

Our Wonderful Wilmslow Escorts

Our lovely Escorts in Wilmslow are fabulous in every way, they are charming and charismatic and offer a sensational girlfriend experience.  Have a look through our galley of lovely ladies and when you have made your choice give our reception team a call at Candy Shop Escorts on 0161 426 0466. We can arrange for a Wilmslow Escort to be with you in no time at all.